How much does a band cost? For four-hour Saturday evening events in the Atlanta area, our bands start at about $2500 and go as high as $5000 depending on what size and style band you have in mind. If your event is outside of the local calling area, a travel charge will most likely be necessary.
Why do bands cost that much?
Bands have to constantly rehearse and learn new songs (no one’s first dance song EVER comes from the song list) they have to buy a truck to haul the equipment in, they have to arrive about three hours ahead of time at the event to set up about twenty five thousand dollars worth of equipment, do a sound check, change clothes, sing, play and smile for four hours and then tear it all down again. Then there’s the two million dollar liability policy, the business license, etc… So while the end result is four hours of music, there is FAR more time, effort and money that goes into the product you receive at your event.


What can a band agent do for me?This is something that does need some explaining. Nowadays you can just use Google as your “agent”. So why would you use us when you can deal directly with the band?What we do is provide full time customer service for our clients. In many cases the band leaders have day jobs and families in addition to being a band leader and they can be quite busy people. If you use a band agent, you pay ZERO additional dollars and you gain a dedicated professional who answers your phone calls and emails ASAP. It’s a win/win.

There is a misconception that we just find bands on the internet, mark them up and resell them and that’s just not true. We have VERY close working relationships with our band leaders and  have known each of them for more than 10 years.


Let’s say you are planning a wedding and you know you want some kind of entertainment at the rehearsal dinner, a harp or maybe a quartet at the ceremony and a band for the reception. It could easily take a month to contact and audition enough entertainers before you found everything you were looking for. However, if you use our services, you can knock out this task in about an hour. We do all the work and it costs you nothing! Our bands pay us a commission.

Let’s say you are planning a corporate event and need wandering minstrels for pre-function, a band in one room and karaoke in another room. Again, one phone call and you’re done. We can take care of your needs in minutes!

I see you represent some bands that I have seen advertised in other places. Wouldn’t it cost less to deal with a band directly and not go through you? No, again the price is the same. Our service is very similar to that of a travel agent. If you are not sure exactly what kind of band you are looking for,  we can present many bands to you at once and give you many options that a single band leader cannot. But most importantly the price is the same if you contact us or the band directly. The leaders of the bands we book are all good friends of ours and we speak with them almost daily, we are on the same team!


Can I personally see the bands you are telling me about?We are very careful and respectful about sending potential clients to existing clients events and will only do so with the clients permission. So the answer to this is maybe. This isn’t such a cool answer right now, but you will appreciate it when one of our bands is playing at your event.
I’m considering several bands through several agents, is it okay to discuss this with you?
ABSOLUTELY! We have never made any claim to be the only show in town and almost every other band agent in Atlanta are friends of ours and we have some sort of working relationship with them. If you need us to help you keep all of your information straight and need a little help on who offers which band, please feel free to ask! 
Do your bands require food? 
Our bands don’t require anything but electricity. But if you have the means to do so, the average amount of time that a band is required to be at an event to set up, perform and then tear down is about 8 hours and the musicians do get pretty darn hungry, so a sandwich or deli tray is most appreciated. There isn’t time for the band members to leave the property and make a food run and I’m sure you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to sing your butt off when you’re starving 😉
Do your bands take breaks?
Yes they do. However, if the schedule permits, at a wedding they will take a break during cake cutting and toast and then during garter and bouquet, so that no one really notices. We try to make the bands breaks as “invisible” as possible, but a drink of water and a visit to the rest room is something that needs to be allowed for.